Horsemanship Camps

Horsemanship camp is for those who are looking to have a fun and exciting week experiencing horses first hand with knowledgeable and caring staff. Students will spend time at the stable learning to ride and care for the horses.

We have 3 different levels to fit many ability levels. Some levels may take more than one year to complete.

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for those seeking additional information regarding the details of horsemanship camps.

  • Homeschool Horsemanship Camp

    May 14-19, 2017

    If you love horses and are homeschooled, this is the place for you. This camp is designed specifically for homeschoolers age 10 and older.

    The teachings, chapel content and schedule directly tie into the campers’ needs.

  • Level 1 Horsemanship Camps

    June 4-10; July 16-22; July 30-August 5, 2017

    Campers will come and learn the basics of grooming and horse care, as well as learning to confidently control their horse. Games will be played to develop the riders confidence on their horse. A certification for CHA Level 1 is available.

  • Level 2 Horsemanship Camps

    June 11-17, July 23-29, 2017

    Campers will continue to develop their knowledge of horse care while becoming confident at controlling their horse at a trot. Basics of the canter are introduced along with intermediate level western games. A certification for CHA Level 2 is available.

  • Level 3 Horsemanship Camp

    July 2-15, 2017

    This higher level riding camp will test and expand campers’ riding ability and love of horses. The first week will review the level 2 material by practicing in the arena with games and skill-building activities. We will then learn the basics of the canter and become comfortable cantering as a group.  

    Weather permitting, there will be an extended overnight trail ride off camp property. We will work together to prepare a special presentation for the Saturday morning show! A certification for CHA Level 3 is available.