2017 Retreats

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February 24-26  Winter Youth Retreat 

March 3-5   CEW Retreat

March 10-12     Couples #1 Retreat with speaker Jim Renke

March 17-19     Couples #2 Retreat with speaker Frank Switzer

March 29-April 2     Scrapbooking and Crafting and Women's Retreat with speaker Julianne Lucci

April 7-9     Women's Retreat hosted by Elgin women; all are invited - with speaker Dina Hanken

April 21-23     Four State Men's Retreat with speaker Terry Baxter

April 28-30     Women and Girls' Retreat with speaker Mandy Desilets

May 5-7     Men and Boys' Retreat

Check out our Summer Camp page for great options for all ages!

September 15-17    Moms and Sons' Retreat

September 22-24     Quilting and Crafting Retreat

                                    Autumn Ridge Youth Retreat

September 28-October 1     Crossway Men's Retreat

October 6-8    Chi Alpha Retreat

October 13-15    CRU Retreat

October 20-23    Fall Youth Retreat

October 25-29     Scrapbooking and Crafting Retreat

November 3-5     Blackhawk Youth Retreat

November 10-12     Dad & Daughter Retreat

November 17-19    Fall Couples Retreat