2020 Retreats


PDF BROCHURES:                  

    Download the Family Retreat Brochure (PDF) HERE

    Download the Youth Retreat Brochure (PDF) HERE

    Download the Adult Retreat Brochure (PDF) HERE


2020 Winter/Spring Retreat Dates

April 17-19     Men's Retreat ($120/person)

April 24-26     Women and Girls' Retreat ($98/adult, $68/youth, $52/child)

2020 Fall Retreat Dates

TBD     Quilting and Crafting Retreat ($120 with options) 

TBD     Moms and Sons' Retreat ($98/adult, $68/youth, $52/child) 

October 23-25 Fall Youth Retreat ($96/person)

November 6-8        Scrapbooking Retreat ($120 with options) 

November 13-15         Dad & Daughter Retreat ($98/adult, $68/youth, $52/child)

November 20-22       Couples' Retreat ($198/couple)