A Calendar of Dates

Summer 2021 is coming!  Below are chronological camp dates; if you're looking for a description of each camp please click on the "2021 Camps & Dates" sub-link.  These will be updated as we add to the camp calendar.

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Summer 2021


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2021 Summer Dates

MAY 16-21

                        Homeschool Horsemanship Camp

JUNE 6-12   

                        Junior 1

                        Horsemanship Level 1

                        Young Leaders Program 1 (two week program)

JUNE 13-19   

                        Teen Camp 1

                        Horsemanship Level 2

JUNE 20-26   

                        Senior High Camp

JUNE 27-JULY 3   

                        Junior 2

                        Day Camp 1

JULY 4-10   

                        Family Camp 1

                        Advanced Horsemanship (two week camp)

JULY 11-17

                        Middle School Camp

                        Volleyball Camp

                        Soccer Camp

                        Art Camp

                        Young Leaders Program 2 (two week program)

JULY 18-24

                        Family Camp 2

                        Horsemanship Level 1

JULY 25-31    

                        Teen Camp 2

                        Senior High Camp 2

                        Day Camp 2

                        Horsemanship Level 2

AUGUST 1-7  

                        Family Camp 3

                        Horsemanship Level 1


                        Junior 3

                        Young Leaders Program 3 (two week program)

AUGUST 15-21

                        Family Camp 4

                        Horsemanship Level 2


                        Labor Day Family Camp