Work Projects & Weekend Volunteers


There is always a long list of projects for weekends or week-long volunteer opportunities!  Here is a basic list of projects that we are looking for help with. If you are skilled or have expertise in any area we'd love to know that - and if you're not, we can match you up to help on a project! 

  • Detail and Cleaning of Vehicles
  • Oil Changes and Lubes
  • Strip and Wax floors
  • Clean gutters
  • Split and Stack Wood
  • Trim and Clear Trails
  • Sand/Varnish Picnic Tables and Benches
  • Build new benches around Camp
  • Build horse fences
  • Rebuild Trail Breakfast
  • Prep and Pour a Cement Sidewalk
  • Re-paint Gym floor lines
  • Weedwhip/trim grass

If you are interested in coming or bringing a group to help with one of these projects, please contact Sue Lyford

Making a difference

Impacting lives - while you personally are growing and being blessed.   Consider coming to volunteer at Village Creek!