Camp and Covid

We are grateful for the ongoing recommendations from the CDC, various camping associations,

our volunteer nursing staff, and our insurance company over the last several years. As a result, many of our

policies and procedures meet or exceed current recommendations.

Our desire is that nothing (safety, health, money, etc…) will hinder our campers and

guests from the life-changing power of the Gospel.

Our Current Policies

Cleaning Procedures – We will disinfect frequently touched surfaces (doors, switches, faucets) 

additional times during the day. 

Windows will be opened to allow for fresh air as much as possible –

and of course we will encourage campers to be outdoors much of the time!

Health Assessments – Each camper will be asked a brief health questionnaire before coming or upon arrival. If they show signs of illness or have been around people who have been ill, they will be asked to not attend camp.

Cleaning Procedures – Our staff will clean and disinfect our buildings daily followed by a deep cleaning

at the end of each event.

Food Service – As an organization we are responsible to adhere to all of Iowa’s Food Codes.

This includes cleanliness, food service, food storage, and more. We are grateful for our well-educated kitchen

staff who have enabled us to easily pass our annual inspections. Food has been adjusted to be served cafeteria style.

Hand Washing – All of our campers and staff are required to wash their hands before meals. During the

summer there will be additional hand washing stations available. 

Cabins – Campers will sleep head to toe (no heads close together), and cabin sizes will be smaller.

Masks – There may be a few staff with masks on, and a few areas that masks will be encouraged if over crowded

(like craft room indoors), but that will not be the norm and not the expectation for campers.

*Disclaimer – Due to the ever-changing guidelines and recommendations, we will continue to

update and make necessary changes.

We are excited to welcome you to camp and prayerfully anticipate God working in the lives of every camper and guest.